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Friday, July 14, 2006

Radio Talk on the Internet

Tonight (Friday) The Right Perspective will be featuring the following:
    Tonight on "The Right Pespective," Frank will discuss Kim IL Jong's "missile envy" complex as he uses his knowledge of "psycho sexual historical analysis", the alarming situation in the Middle East, Morris Dees and his absurd story about "neo-Nazis" joining the army. John will discuss the Bush Recovery and debt reduction and more!

    On "Hallo Afrika!" Frank will discuss the coming 2010 World Cup and how Die BoereVolk will be treated like the Jews were during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the continuing attack on Gen. Pino-Chet!

    The Right Perspective - every Friday 10pm EST over shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz and the Internet at The Right Pespective.

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I hope you enjoy them. Have a good day.

Update: Author Jerome Corsi will be on The Right Perspective tonight, after 11pm EST to discuss the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP), and what it means for the soverignty of America.
Mr. Corsi will also take your phone calls at (718) 761-9996.

The Right Perspective - heard every Friday 10pm EST over shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz and the Internet at The Right Perspective.

Podcast/Show Archives available at: The Right Perspective Podcast Blog.
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