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Monday, July 17, 2006

No Cease-fire in the throws of war

Today I have read an article by Mohammed of Iraq the Model (ITM), and I must say I concur. The Middle East is a hot spot today, to those of you who have no idea about the Middle East. To those who live there, to those who have become educated, it is an ongoing cycle that must be broken in order for victory to be achieved.

We have Israel in a war with Hamas and Hizbollah, and we have the Coalition Forces and Iraqis in a war with ex-Ba'athists, militias, Syrians, Saudis and Iranians. Iran is on the verge of gaining nuclear weapons capability, and all the people on the outside want to do is talk. They do not understand the mindset of the Middle East.

The one with the most strength and endurance is the victor. It has been this way forever. The Revolutionary War took 8 years! The last Brit to leave was evacuated from Brooklyn, NY November 25, 1783. If our freedom was worth this much rancor, so is the Middle East's. (Source: REVOLUTIONARY WAR TIMELINE.)

We have talked for years as Iran used its knowledge to develop nuclear weapons. What did this achieve? The Iranian people suffered more at the hand of Ahmadinejad, human rights were grossly violated daily, people were murdered in prison by the guards. Some of them were raped. Where is the outrage? Where are the investigations?

We have forced Israel to sit at the table with terrorists who are bent only on their destruction, and what did Israel get in return? War. Let me ask you this: If President Bush wanted to sit down with Osama bin Laden after September 11, 2001, would you have agreed with him or have him impeached? I know my answer, so why should Israel's be any different?

We have to put an end to these terrorists, and that means killing them dead. If it takes a few tapings of rubbing their faces in pigs blood and showing it to the Middle East to show we mean business, maybe then they would get the message. Their families would be disgraced, they would not be going to heaven, and the next time you kill another innocent? We take someone from Gitmo and slit his throat after dipping the knife in pigs blood.

My heart aches everyday as I hear about the Iraqis, Lebanese, Israelis, and Iranians dying. Let us get serious, and understand once and for all: WE ARE AT WAR.

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