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Monday, July 17, 2006

News from Iran and China

Friday's Daily Briefing on Iran. July 14, 2006.
Iran's war with Israel and the US becomes clear to the MSM.
    There are five articles under this title. They include a story by The New York Times which finally concludes that this war (and it is a war) is not just a local one. The next article is written by The Telegraph. This one deals with Hizbollah and southern Lebanon being Israel's front line on the war with Iran. The next article is written by the New York Sun who argues against restraint. The next article is an op-ed written by The Boston Globe. They nail it. The Iranian propoganda machine and the timing of the attacks. Remember, they were supposed to discuss Iran's refusal to allow inspections and have bs talks. The last article is written by John Gibson of Fox News. He contends that an attack by Iran on Israel is actually an attack on the USA.
The Experts Weigh in. We are at war with Iran.
    This section contains four articles. The first one is written by Michael Ledeen of the National Review Online. He contends that the war Israel is fighting is an extension of the 27 year war Iran declared on the USA. The second article is written by Yossi Klein Halevi, also of The National Review Online. This genocidal Islamism war has begun. The third article was written by David Twersky in the The New York Sun. The final article was by Kenneth M. Pollack which he wrote for the Reader's Digest. While he admits that Iran wants to wipe Israel and the USA off the world map, he is pushing for negotiations.
Iran responds.
    There are three articles under this title. The first one was written by Reuters. They (Iranians), of course, denied that Hizbollah was going to bring the two Israel Soldiers to Iran. In the second article, YNet News reports that Iran has declared that a strike against Syria was a strike against all Muslims. Oh brother. The final article reports that Iran told the UN to stop pressuring them or they would cease all cooperation and pull out of the Non Proliferation Treaty. And why not? What did we do about North Korea?
Zogby releases a poll of Iranians. Doctor Zin responds.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
    There are four articles in this section. Rooz Online reports another denial of human rights abuse and instead, condemns the USA and Israel for human rights abuse. And these people are on the UN Human Rights AFTER the reform? HAHAHA. Screw you. Rooz Online reported that Mesbah Yazdi--one of the intellectual extremists--is not on the list of candidates for Leadership Experts Assembly elections in Iran. The third article is by RIA Novosti who tells us that Russia stated sanctions against Iran would not interfere with their weapons trade!
The last and final article is a cartoon, but my copy/paste just klunked out on me. To view this, please click on the day of the week. Have a good day.

Update: My computer is back, and she's working well. Here is the link to the cartoon: Cox & Forkum published another cartoon: Black Wedding.

Update: You will find some news about the freeing of a Chinese film maker who is a US citizen and other articles here.

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