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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Iran is running the IAEA that is watching them!

This is very alarming, and you must read up on it over at the Daily Briefing on Iran. The leader of the team of the IAEA, Mr. Chris Charlier, was not only booted off the inspections team for which he was in charge, he was denied access to any and all data about Iran. Why? This was at the request of Iran! El-Baradei made sure of this.

Why did this happen? Whenever Mr. Charlier would go to Iran, they would follow him everywhere. He could not make a move anywhere alone. He believes that Iran is hiding what their true intentions are, and he believes they are making a bomb. For these reasons, he was removed from a job for doing precisely what he was sent to do.

When the meetings between the G-8+Russia meet, they will not have the one tool they need to know the facts. If you want this to happen, do nothing. If you believe this should not stand, then may I encourage you to call your Congressman and Senators toll free at 1-888-355-3588. Let them know that Mr. Charlier has been removed from the case, and El-Baradei did not want this report to be known!

I do believe that el-Baradei is on the side of the Iranians. He has been wrong in every single situation he has been involved with ever since he has held this office. He should be sanctioned! I wish we could get rid of him, but he was just recently re-instated. There is no oversight for the UN.

Let your representatives know that you are very concerned about the people in Iran. Let them know they need the backing of the USA government. Moral and financial. Through radio, TV, whatever means possible to let them know that we stand with them on their march for democracy and freedom.

The way the governments are dealing with Iran now is WRONG. Do not talk to Iran. Never forget that this fraud is one of the hostage takers in 1979. Have they forgotten 444 days of misery and torture? Let us pray not. Thank you.

PS. You can call other Senators as well. Try calling the subcommittees for the UN, the Energy Department, finance committee, and many others. It does not matter what party you belong to when it comes to human rights. This is one group we all belong to.

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