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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do You Know I Have a Milblog?

I am not getting very many visits over at DoD Daily News, so I was wondering if you are aware I even have a milblog? What goes on my site over there? Terrorism, Press Releases, National Guard news, Military legislation, and basically all things Military.

If it has something to do with terrorism and you do not see it here, you probably will find it over there. Ya see, I cannot put everything here!

I also have a humanitarian site. It is called Causes of Interest. I write about my concerns about people. People in prison in Iran for speaking about freedom, people in Asia who would die to give their children the opportunities we have-basically freedom, and many other topics.

Three of my main concerns are Asia, Iran, and Darfur, Sudan. Actually, the whole continent of Africa!

I don't know. They just are not doing very well, and that is where I am spending most of my time! What's up? Don't you like me anymore? I'm telling my Mommy! (lol)

Don't forget Love America First and our cyper-paper, Knickerbocker News.

There are several people who are writing with me, so you may have a variety to choose from to please your taste. Come on. Stop over. Please?

Have a great day.