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Friday, July 21, 2006

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies

This fabulous book has just been released this week, and we would like to get it on the papers #1 list. I need your help. I was not asked to promote it for that purpose, but I know the author from Pundit Review. Gregg is a remarkable person, and a very special man.

Now about the book. You may take a peak at some of issues that he covers by clicking on the picture. I believe he did a magnificant job laying out the facts in an easy-to-read style. Many thousands of hours of research, sleepness nights, and many cups of coffee went into the creation of this book.

He will be on a book tour starting in August. He has plans to do interviews on both TV and radio. If you would like an interview, their is a place for you to make an appointment right there on his site.

Why don't we surprise him by buying more than one book? You could always buy one as a gift for a liberal friend or as a birthday gift. Please help me spread the word. Write about his book if you have a site.

You don't know him? Listen every Sunday night from 8-10 EST on WRKO. You may also read some of his postings at Pundit Review. This will give you a sense of the man. He is a good man. Let us help him in this race to the top. Thank you.

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