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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

BN: NK Tests Missile

NHK Online, a Japanese newspaper, has claimed that North Korea did in fact fire a missile at 3:32am Japan Time. They do not know which type of missile was launched, but it landed in the Sea of Japan after flying for about 6 minutes. AP is also reporting this news. More to come...

Update: It turned out that NK fired 6 missiles Tuesday, and then they fired another one today. There is an ememrgency meeting the UN (HAHAHA) where they are going to try for sanctions with teeth. (Excuse me while I laugh, but what the...) One of these days, we're going to have some leaders in the world who do not play games. Maybe then we can stop all this bs.

Update 2: There is a much better recollection of events over at North Korea Zone. This is a very good site. I recommend you add it to your sidebar if you have a site.

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