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Monday, June 19, 2006

US Busts Human Smuggling Ring

There has been a human smuggling ring busted in North Dakota. This is proof that 'slavery' has reared it's ugly head once again. People will continue to mistreat and take advantage of the desperate, hungry people if there are not enforceable immigration laws.
    "This whole case started with two Mexican guys who walked away from the restaurant in Grand Forks -- or were fired -- and were found walking along a road outside Grand Forks in a thunderstorm,'' Assistant US Attorney Nick Chase said.

    That was in August 2004. The two Mexican men told Immigration and Customs agents they had been working more than 70 hours a week for less than US$2 an hour at the Buffet House, a Chinese restaurant in Grand Forks. They had been living with eight other restaurant employees in a small apartment a block from the restaurant. [continue reading]
This must be stopped wherever and whenever it occurs. It is a crime not only to those people, but slavery is immoral, indecent, and a crime against humanity.

Editor's Note: I am appalled at this finding. People do not understand just how many instances like this one happen each and every day, yet they are not exposed. What do we do for them? How do we protect them?

We do this by deporting them in the first place. If everything is made to be above board, then the immigrants will be protected by our laws without fear. People will not try to do these type of things, because they will fear being caught. It is a horrible, disgusting, low-life of a person who would take advantage of the weak, the poor, and/or the desperate.

I am only grateful that these people are going to prison. In my opinion, not for a long enough time. I would actually prefer a public hanging. A little rough? Ah, yes. But would the next person think twice about enslaving a human being?

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