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Friday, June 23, 2006

Troopers would arrest immigrants

The Boston Globe brings us this article.

Romney seeks federal OK to expand powers
By Yvonne Abraham and Scott Helman, Globe Staff
June 21, 2006.

The Governor of Mass., Mitt Romney (R), has asked the federal government for permission to catch illegal aliens. They would do this through routine traffic stops. As it is stands right now, this is not allowed.

An aside: Are we not allowed to catch bank robbers? Well that's a federal crime. I have the perfect way to break the federal governments back.

Stop upholding all federal laws, including collecting income taxes and social security (FICA). Collect only those monies that pertain to the individual states.

This way, we let the federal government know they cannot choose the laws we are to uphold! Back to the story.
Federal immigration authorities would provide the troopers with 4 1/2 weeks of training in immigration laws and procedures, civil rights, and avoiding racial profiling.

If the proposal is approved, Massachusetts would join a handful of states and localities that have entered into such pacts since they were first authorized in 1996. That list includes Florida, Alabama, and a few counties in California and North Carolina, where a limited number of officers have been trained to enforce immigration laws.
How many knew of this? We at this cyber-paper did not. We are glad to see someone is on the ball.

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