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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sudan defies world court on Darfur crimes

Once again, the Sudanese government is stuck on stupid. They are claiming there is no genocide, no militias, nope--nothing wrong here to see. Move along. BULL.

It goes on and on and on. How long will we sit back and allow this little creep to get away the massacres, rapes, tortures, slavery, beatings, burning down villages, etc.? HOW LONG? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?
    "If they are here to discuss the progress of trials or the role of national justice then we are ready to give them whatever information they are looking for," said Sudan's Justice Minister Mohammed al-Mardi. "But if the matter is about investigations, then they ... don't have the jurisdiction." [continue reading]
Nothing to investigate? Oh? Why don't you allow us to make that determination?

The answer is because they do not want the truth to be revealled. Shame on us if we nothing. SHAME ON US.

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