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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Samarra bombers killed, some arrested

Great news coming out of Iraq through Omar at Iraq the Model. As he was watching TV today, there was breaking news. National Security Advisor Muwaffak al-Rubaie addressed the public to let them know that they had captured Abu Qudama al-Tunisi and killed 15 more foreign fighters (according to al-Rubaie) in a raid in the suburb of al-Dhuloiya north of Baghdad.

This is significant because these are the bastards that bombed the Askari Shrine in Samarra on February 22, 2006. This group is also responsible for the Arabiya female Iraqi reporter, Atwar Bahjat.

NSA Muwaffak al-Rubaie Haitham is searching for al-Badri who is believed to be the field commander under whom Abu Qudama was operating. If you know anything of his whereabouts, please do not approach him. Call the authorities so they can handle him properly. And properly I hope they do. hehehe.
Al-Rubaie described Al-Badri is a terrorist with connections to elements in the past regime who later became one of the leaders of Ansar al-Sunna and later al-Qaeda organization in Iraq.

Al-Rubaie described ho the bombing was organized and says details were taken from the confessions of the captured Abu Qudama:
4 Saudis, two Iraqis and one Tunisian entered the mosque at night, handcuffed and locked up the guards in a room and spent the night planting the bombs all around the mosque. Next day they kidnapped and murdered Atwat Bahjat while she was trying to cover the news of the bombing.
Al-Rubaie displayed a poster showing the Shrine before and after the bombing along with a photo of Haitham al-Badri and urged the people to cooperate with authorities in locating the runaway terrorist. [continue reading]
This is great news. I want everyone who was connected with the destruction of any Holy site caught, whether it is my Holy site or not. These are not people. They are animals, and they need to put down.

PS. I urge you to read their following of the reconciliation. You are not getting the truth back home. Here are some very good posts: Some are sad just because we're happy.
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All of these have something very interesting and/or important to say. We should be reading this site everyday. If you want to find out what is happening in an Iraq, why not ask an Iraqi who lives in Iraq? If only the press would think about that!

Update: More good news from Iraq. In another article from Omar from Iraq the Model, (No Amnesty for killers") it has finally been spoken outloud. No amnesty for anyone who murdered Iraqis or Multi-National Forces (MNF)!
The amnesty doesn't include those who have killed Iraqis or even coalition forces because those soldiers came to Iraq under international agreements to help Iraq.
Also, there is a possiblility that three more groups have decided to lay down their arms.
Vice president Dr. Tariq al-Hashimi told al-Sabah that he proposed to organize a meeting for tribal powers to empower the good relationships among the sons of the one nation and to smother the fires of sectarian rift.Sheikh AbdulSalam al-Dulaimi said that more than 30 sheikhs who are prominent tribal leaders in al-Anbar region are about to announce an 'honor pledge' that forbids bloodletting.
That brings the number of groups to 10. I would not expect that al Qaeda in Iraq will be agreeing to anything, nor should we accept any such agreement.

As Omar said, "So far things seem to be progressing smoothly, but nice words and promises mean very little until they translate into real work; which is my hope." Mine too.

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