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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Right Perspective Podcast Blog

I had asked the News Guy from the The Right Perspective to let me know ahead of time what issues were going to be discussed so I could alert my readers to their broadband Radio Talk Show. Well, they did, and I fell asleep on the job.

I am sorry.

If you would care to go to their site and listen to what was on the show last night, here is a peek review:
On this week's show, host Frank from Queens will discuss the NY Times' continuing attack on the great anti-Communist leader, Gen. Pino-CHET! The vendetta out for him that the Leftist Media has and the hypocricy of them not criticising Fidel Castro!

Also on the agenda is the brutal and savage mutilation of our soldiers in Iraq byMohammadanist murderers, and the collapsing Christian Church in the West, both Catholic and Protestant. Frank's prediction of the U.S. and Vietnam will form an alliance against China seeming to come true! Also, John's biting commentary on current events!

On "Hello Afrika!", a special edition with Boeres from all over the World discussing the Farm murders and ethnic cleansing quietly taking place in South Africa!

The Right Perspective - heard every Friday 10pm EST over shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz and the Internet at
I will continue to try to keep you up to date on what the programming schedule will be each Friday night at 10pm EST. Thank you, and have a good day.

Update: Here are the links for broadband: Broadband: Download .mp3 here and Dial-up Users: Download .mp3 here. Thanks.

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