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Friday, June 16, 2006

New Online Talk Radio Show

I've have had the pleasure of running into The Right Perspective radio program. They come on every Friday night at 10pm EST, and the show is over anywhere between 11, 12, or whenever the calls stop coming. Why is it like this?

That is a good question! It is heard over shortwave radio on WWCR 3.215 Mhz. There is also an archive of their shows here.

I have a round-up of what they will be discussing tonight, in case you would care to tune in.
Tonight, hosts Frank and John will discuss how the Left is exactly like the Far Right when it comes to certain topics. Also on the agenda tonight is Bush's trip to Iraq, Poland and the Times' attack on it as bigotry, the double standard when it comes to leftwing bigotry, a new book on the crimes of communism and the blindness of the "intellectualls" !

"Hello, Afrika!" will feature Mnr. Nico Coettezze, who will continue discussing the prophecies of the Boere Seer "Oom Klassie" Seiner Von Renseburg and what this portends to the future of Die

And of course, you are a part of the show, too! Call into the show with your comments and views at 718-761-9996.

Hear what the other conservative talk radio hosts will be saying next week tonight at 10pm EST by clicking here for live stream:

Full Podcast/show archives available at: The Right Perspective Podcast.

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I will be tuning in tonight to see how they are doing. I do not know if I agree with everything the say (I don't agree with everything ANYONE says! lol), but I like to give people a chance. Think about it!