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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm sick and tired of 'news'

It seems as though no matter where I turn--talk radio (except Pundit Review), the alphabet soup broadcasters, even print--it's all negative. I am SICK of it.

Why can't we write about the GOOD OUR TROOPS ARE DOING? How about solutions that could be employed for all the starving children the movie stars gleefully throw in our faces? (FEED them, damn it. You have the money!)

How about writing about a person who did something extraordinary, without having to be a movie star who just had a baby. Frankly, I don't care about movie stars. I do not wish them harm, I just don't need to know their lives. I have one of my own!

I would, however, enjoy reading or hearing about an individual who gave of themselves for the good of someone else. Most of the time, it would be our troops I would be most interested in; but I love to hear about the achievements of the children.

I have to admit that I do learn some things on talk radio that I would not (and do not) learn from TV. It just seems that every so often, these blowhards seem to think I care what THEY did. Where they went, where they're going, who they met. If I'm not going, if I'm not invited, then why are they telling me? To show off how big they are and how good they are? To impress me? I do not care. Just give the straight of it, or shut up.

Oh yeah, I voted today. Did you?

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