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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Hate Crime that was not fit to print

I am outraged at this. Why didn't I know? Thank God for talk radio. Let me start by admitting that I used to believe hate crimes were not necessary. Once a person is dead, what more can be done? I am beginning to change my mind, and this case is one of the reasons.
Four Latino gang members from the Highland Park area of Los Angeles have been indicted on federal civil rights and firearm charges in connection with violent assaults against African-Americans, including one man who was gunned down in 1999.

The four defendants were named in a three-count indictment returned on August 11 by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles. The case was announced today after one of the defendants was taken into custody by special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation SWAT team. Two other defendants are already in state prison serving sentences on unrelated crimes, and an arrest warrant has been issued for the fourth defendant. [continue reading]
This did not happen yesterday, I want to make this clear. I tried my best to find ANY information on this case, once I heard about it on Leo Terrell's show.

Yes, I listen to him. He may be wrong on some issues, but he is a very nice man. So back off, and keep your peace!

Back to the topic. Why have we not heard of this case until now? I believe it is nothing less than a hate crime. The ONLY reason these 2 men are dead is because of the color of their skin and because they are Americans. Yes, I said what everyone else is afraid to say. Some Latinos hate Americans, just as the KKK hated black people. Not all white people were members of the KKK, and not all Latinos belong to hate groups. So before you jump on me for speaking the truth, jump back. I'm from NY, and I don't crap.

This has to stop. I do not care who it is, why it is, or any other excuse they might give. This is America, damn it. If you do not like the fact that EVERYONE from every race is welcomed here, then leave. I can say this, because I am Mohawk, but I am more than that. I am an American.

I have never let anyone know this, because I choose to discuss issues on their merits. If the Mexicans think the USA has stole their land, I have a different story to tell! I am not going to fight a war that was won a long time ago against people that DEAD now. However, if you try to take what is ours, you'd better be more prepared than you ever could be.

Americans, when we come together, cannot be defeated by anyone on the outside. On the inside, maybe, but that's another story. I don't care what race you are, God loves each of us the same. If you wish to present yourself as a civilized person legally here, you are more than welcomed by most of us. (Reality.) Just don't be prejudiced. I am very intolerant to that, and I will fight you on it. Discrimination is wrong, that's why.

Hate is also wrong, when it is mispaced. I can truly say I hate bin Laden, al Qaeda, et al. They are our enemy. Do not include yourself in a category with these thugs, please.

I am so upset, I cannot even stick to the story! Please read the link I have provided to be informed. Listen to Leo on Sunday's at 10pm-12am on KABC. Who knows? You may learn a thing or two! lol. Have a great day.

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