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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Drop Dead: SCOTUS

I am so angry, I cannot contain myself. So I am going to let it fly, and it lands where it lands.

Who the hell do these 9 people think they are? Excuse me, 5 people. I heard that they got a scathing rebuke from the other 3.

Is this a pro-al Qaeda court? Why do I believe this? Because we have a pro-al Qaeda demorat party.

These are freaking animals we are fighting. They do not get American rights because they are NOT Americans! Do you remember the Twin Towers? Where is it? Where did it go? Did it get up and walk away? NO!

They blew it up, and they will do worse once you release them. Thank you very much for nothing. You deserve every scathing bit of critism you get, and more. Go to your room, and don't come out until you understand the consequences of what you've done.

PS. Please excuse my language. I just don't know more I can do. Are we fighting criminals or are we at war? I say we are at war. These animals want to kill us all. So from now on, the blood is on your hands, justice kennedy.

What about my right to life? I guess this is what you consider a late term abortion? I can't write right now. I'm sorry.

Update: Maybe it would be better if I just let Fox News tell it.
Gitmo War Crimes Trials Blocked
Rebuke to Bush administration: Supreme Court rules 5-3 that president overstepped authority in ordering military trials; Bush says ruling 'won't cause killers to be put out on the street'
Raw Data: Supreme Court's Ruling (pdf)
Fast Facts: Hamdan Ruling
Gitmo Tribunals Blocked.
White House Reacts.

Update 2: I have removed the cuss words. It is now evening, and I am so sorry I spoke in such a horrid way. Please accept my apology. Thank you, and have a nice evening.

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