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Monday, May 29, 2006

We Support a Democratic Iran

It is my express and imlicit desire to see the ruling class of Iran gone. Hopefully through peaceful means. There have been thousands of riots, yet we hear nothing about them. Why is this? This is an outrage! They need our support, and I plan to give what I can in a way of support. Even if all I can do is to bring the news to you, then that is what I will do.

Now it is up to you to call your Congressman or Senators. I do not care how angry you about the borders. So am I. We all need to come together at this time to support the good people of Iran.

Notice I said, "The good people"? That means I understand there are bad people! Why do you think the Iranian people are rioting? Because the people are too nice?! Here is a request from my friend, Korosh. Please follow as he says.

اعلام همبستگي با هموطنان آذري
Support The Iranian Azaries

We the Persians,lors.Kurds and Baluchs along with other ethnicities condem the Iran state run news paper on insulting the Iranian Azaries and we all call for unity along with all the ethnic backgounds in Iran and hope for a democratic Iran. Blogs In Support Of Democracy For Iran Please upload this article on your blog to show your support!

ما ايرانيان فارس و لر و کرد و بلوچ با هموطنان آذري اعلام همبستگي كرده وضمن محكوم كردن روزنامه دولتي ايران اعلام ميداريم كه ما هم پشتيبان شما عزيزان هستيم . حكومت مستبد جمهوري اسلامي به همه ما ظلم كرده و همه ما بايد با اتحاد به آزادي ايران و تشكيل يك حكومت سكولار و دموكرات بينديشيم . همه ایرانی هستند و به ایرانی بودن خود افتخار می‌کنند.بلاگهايه پشتيبان دمكراسي براي ايرانخواشمندم براي اعلام پشتيباني اين بيانيه را در وبلاگ خود قرار دهيد
Thank you. I know you will also do all that you can, even if it is just writing about this in your blog or site. Democracy Today! Amen!

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