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Monday, May 08, 2006

Thai Court Nullifies April Elections

By Rungrawee C. Pinyorat
"BANGKOK, Thailand - Thailand's Constitutional Court invalidated last month's parliamentary elections on Monday and ordered fresh polls in a bid to end a political impasse that has left the country unable to form a new government." [continue reading]

The opposition party, the Democrat Party, had earlier boycotted this election. They are happy with the outcome of this decision, since it will allow a break in the impasse and be able to have another election. This time, the opposition party has promised to participate. Now maybe the country may move forward.

This was a rather unusual election, however. The Prime Minister had called for elections...3 years ahead of schedule! It is believed by some this was a ruse to calm the anti-government riots. It did not work.

Editor's note: There has been much unrest in this country. I will try to find out more about the causes and the situation in Thialand. Thank you.

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