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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pundit Review on air Monday, 9-Noon EST

Kevin and Gregg are going to guest host The John DePetro Show Monday, May 29, 2006 from 9am until noon. Please tune in to show your support for other bloggers. They usually invite bloggers that we've probably heard of or should hear about, so that the other side (the TRUTH) gets out into the public arena of ideas.

They are very passionate, and they are very sincere. Tomorrow, Monday, is Memorial Day. This will be one of the live stations at this time. Their normal air time is every Sunday night between 8-10 pm EST on WKRO.

You may listen to them on the net through streaming. Just click on the link that says, "click here..."

They also have a site you may be interested in by the name of Pundit Review. It is rather well organized and pretty sassy when Kevin wants to be. (lol) Please stop by and give a little encouragement. His father-in-law, a US Marine, lost his battle with cancer this past week. Do not mourn, do not cry. Thank God for the life he led, and thank God for the memories.

Kevin and family, may God comfort, love, and hold you up in this time of remembrance. You are truly blessed to have known such a man as this. Then again, you're pretty nice yourselves. :)

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