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Monday, May 15, 2006

Pre-Amnesty Speech

I am writing this now, before the speech President Bush is going to give at 5pm PCT, because I would like to make something perfectly clear. He is on the wrong track. No one is listening to us except the House of Representatives.

Do not listen to those who say, 'What do you want? Democrats?' If the Republicans in office are going to act like Democrats, then by all means go for it!

I have an alternative method, though. My method is to stop all donations to incumbants. I will be contributing to the Club for Growth. I happen to be a member, for full disclosure's sake.

We have already kicked out some incumbants, and we replaced them with true conservatives. Not the kind that go to Washington and forget how they got there!

I understand some Democrats may read this site. If you are unhappy with your representatives, you may try this method as well. We do it at the primary level.

We decide who is going to run against the other party. This way, we get a true choice. We need to stop caring so much about party. We need to think in terms as to what is best for the country.

I will not accept amnesty. I will not accept anything that does not enforce the laws we already have on the books. Does anyone remember the gun grab? They don't try that anymore, because it was a loser. So is amnesty.

Let us at least stand together behind this. Am I angry? You bet your sweet arse I am, and it's not because of the Democrats. They are acting as they always do. Conservatives, you ought to be ashamed of your polititians. I am.