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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Please pray for baby opposum

Well, what a day it has been. My neighbor, not knowing my affinity for animals, brought me an opposum! Unfortunately, the underground animal shelter I called told me they were illegal to keep in California. So at dark, my neighbor shall release this baby back into the wild.

Let me say a few words about this baby opposum. He is about 6-7 inches long, and he weighs about 3-4 ounces. Mind you, I am not known for accumen when it comes to measuring. lol. He was held in a small towel, and he was calm in my arms. He was frightened whenever I tried to move him away from me.

He is now comfortably in a cat carrier. He is eating cat food crunched into small pieces, and he is drinking on his own. His mother must have left him. I do not know. He will be released, because he is wild. That is why he is in a cat carrier and not my arms.

If you really care about animals, I beg you, please consider the best interest of the animal. He is wild and if I were to hold him, he may lose some instinct for survival. I would, in effect, be killing softly. Either way, he would dead for selfish reasons of my desire to hold this cute as button little fella.

I am placing him in God's hands for his survival upon release into the wild. Well, some of these alleys do get pretty rough! lol. On the serious side, there are many cats and dogs that also roam the streets at night. Please pray with me to protect this little guy. I pray for him to have a good, long life. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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