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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pictures from the Darfur Rally

The Washington Post has many pictures you may watch on a slide show. Just click 'skip' to the commercial they play. You may also view them individually.

After visiting the 'Rally for Darfur' photos, you may want to watch the 'A Complicated Crisis in Chad and Sudan' photos. There is a very horrible tension and war about to break out there.

Maybe, if we get enough people to wake up, we can actually change the situation for these brothers and sisters of ours. Yes, they are our brothers and sisters. What did Jesus say?

(Paraphrased) "When I was hungry you fed me. When I was thirsty, you gave me drink. And they said, 'But Lord, when did we do this?' And Jesus answered, 'When ever do this for the least of these, you are doing it for Me.' "

There is also a site that has some pictures. It is called Yeshiva University. Please pay it a visit. Tell everyone you know. Get involved. How?

Get in touch with Save Darfur, and see if there is something there that fits your means and schedule. If all you can do is write about it, then write on, my brother/sister! Have a nice day.

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