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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Immigration Debate and 'Someone You Should Know'

It's getting late and I want to get this information to you, so here goes.
Tonight on Pundit Review Radio, we will be speaking with one of the leading organizers of Boston’s May Day, pro-immigration, (or is it pro-illegal immigration?), rally.

Hank Gonzales, a Harvard student whose political affiliation is with the Socialist Alternative, and the Boston Mayday Coalition will be our guest in the 8pm hour.

About Us: The Socialist Alternative:
    Socialist Alternative is a national organization fighting in our workplaces, communities, and campuses against the exploitation and injustices people face every day. We are union activists fighting for workers’ rights and militant, democratic unions; we are people of color speaking out against racism, students organizing against sweatshops and war, immigrants demanding papers for all undocumented workers, women and men fighting sexism and homophobia.

    We campaign for the building of a mass workers’ party to represent the interests of workers, youth, and the environment against the two parties of big business.

    We see the global capitalist system as the root cause of terrorism, war, poverty, discrimination, and environmental destruction.
About Us: Boston May Day Coalition:
    We came together to fill in the void produced when no rally was called on May Day in the City of Boston. In the recent past every May Day was marked by a rally and in particular related to the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers. The links between International Workers Day and the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers coming from all over the world cannot be more clear. We are therefore calling on all people to come out on May Day and rally in support of the Great National Strike and Boycott called by immigrant organizations throughout the country.

    We emphasize the historical aspects of these struggles from the Haymarket Square Affair in 1886 to the massive demonstrations of immigrant workers today in the U.S. From the struggle for the 8-hours work-day and the struggle for full rights for all immigrants today.
At 9pm [EST], as always, Matt from Blackfive will join us for Someone You Should Know, our weekly collaboration to bring the inspirational, true stories of the men and women that are fighting for us around the world to the radio.

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This is brought to you courtesy of Kevin and Gregg of the Pundit Review Radio. I hope to hear you there. Have a nice evening.