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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Generator Caper

My, my. It appears someone has stolen the generator that provides electricity to the people in Mohammed's neighborhood.

They all share a generator from whom they purchase electricity. They provide the person with the generator the wires to connect it to their houses. Then they may receive up to 8 hours of electricity a day. They even get to choose which hours they desire.

Apparently during the night, someone cut the cables. This totally sucks. Now they have to wait for at least two days and pay for more wires to bring to the owner of the generator. It is extremely hot at this time in Iraq.

There are a few theories floating around. Two of them seem more possible. The first one is that the competition wanted the business this person had, so they forced people to buy from them. I do not think this was so, because they could prosecuted. It is far too risky to something like this. Besides, what is the guarantee they would go to that person? The free market does not work in this manner.

The other possibility is that some terrorists did this. Why? Because they want the Iraqi people to suffer, and they also want to return to a repressive regime.

There always is the third element. Some jerk criminal did it just to do it. We ought to know. We have them here! We call them 'Congressmen'! Later for that one, though. [continue reading Mohammed's article]

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