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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Debate: Should the GOP Suffer Losses?

Tonight on the Pundit Review Radio, they are going to be debating whether or not the GOP should suffer great losses at polls, because they are not listening to the citizens of the United States. They will also look at the Tapscott/Geraghty debate.

Kevin does not think so, because the Democrats would do a much more damaging job on National Security. I concur. They way I am going it, though, is to thwart the GOP!

That is correct. I am going to give all my political money to the Club for Growth. This is a group (of which I am a member) that elects Conservatives. True Conservatives that forget who and what they are once they get to Washington.

Yes, we are kicking out the big-spending, budget-busting, pork-eating, fat hogs! They have lost their way, but we have not. The only correct way to fight back is to throw the bums out.

Blackfive will also be visiting with us to share another "Someone You Should Know."

The program airs from 8-10pm EST. We can listen online by streamling WRKO. Hope to here ya there!

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