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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Comment to the NY Times Comment

This is the comment I wrote to the Opinion Journal concerning the NY Times response to an article written on April 26, 2006:
I would like to address your list of 'suspects.' The first one you list is President Bush with your usual slight of hand. It is not that he is a leaker. He who has the authority to classify and declassify thereby can no longer be a leaker than the owner of a store is who takes home some food to eat from his store [is a thief].

Next I would like to address your decision to print our national secrets. Why? Do you really believe we have a right to know the secrets that are keeping us safe? If it is not illegal (which the things you reported were not), then to who[m]'s benefit is it, except the enemy? Are you the enemy?

This is why we have laws for treason, and I don't believe being a journalist is covered from prosecution. You certainly have the right to print our national secrets, and bring damage to us. We, at the same time, have the right to prosecute [you].

Conscientious objectors? They [CIA personnel] are not in the Military, they are working at the behest of the United States. They have sworn an oath to secrecy. They have broken that oath. That apparently is alright with you, since you receive awards [for the same action, when it suits you]. The rest of us have to wonder, 'When is the next strike, now that we cannot use this form of protection?'

You agonized over the publishing [of] national secrets until one of your writers was due to have his book hit the market? I find this less believable than I do laughable.

I am an American first. I write my articles from an American point of view. Neither Left, nor Right. Just accurate. I have not found this to be true in your case.

I have to search the world over to learn about what is truly happening, because you decide we do not need to know about the Peace Talks that are occurring between Pakistan and India, [Iraq's] PM Maliki is just what Iraqis need and the tensions have been resolved, etc, etc.

No, Sir. You are a fraud. No one from this White House has ever called anyone unpatriotic, but your paper has. These are not domestic wiretappings. They are not even wiretappings! Yet you run with this story to turn people against this President in a time of war.

I read the poll. You, Sir, do not even believe we are at war. I suggest you take a short walk and visit that hole in the ground. Better yet. Go watch United 93. Maybe, just maybe, you will remember why we are at war. Good day.

Rosemary Last Name
Knickerbocker News
It was not published with the other responses, and I believe I know why. I was very angry, although I tried not to write angrily. Also, I enclosed my place of business. They may have thought I was looking for readership. Not so, but I can see their point of view.

It could also have been I just did not make a very strong case? Nah. lol. Have a good day.

Update: I went back to reread my comment, and I would not have published it either. My goodness. Just look at all those errors! Oh well. Better luck next time, right? lol.

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