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Friday, May 05, 2006

Club for Growth Wins 2 for 2

Right up front, I am a member of Club for Growth. (Hey, NY Times: This is what we in journalism call 'full disclosure.' Just thought I'd let you in on a secret. lol)

Many Republicans are disgusted with the way Congress is behaving lately. That is because most of the Republicans are not Conservatives. The Club for Growth, while not actually involved in divisive issues, is involved with fiscal responsibility, honorable candidates, growth in the economy through less government, and most of the issues we adore. I would say that is a pretty good track record.

Another reason to celebrate our track record is because we go up against the incumbants, and we win. Let me talk to about some wins we had this past week.

We went up against the establishment with Jim Jordan. Boy, were they shocked!
The Club's PAC backed Republican State Sen. Jim Jordan, who led the fight against two of the largest tax hikes in state history. When Governor Taft proposed a huge tax hike as part of the 2003 budget, not only did Jordan oppose it, but he proposed an alternative, leaner budget that didn't raise taxes.
Even though Mr. Jordan paid a heavy price for refusing to go along to get along (he lost a state facility in his district), he stuck to his principles. These are the type of candidates we support.

In Ohio we supported Ken Blackwell. As a rule of thumb, we usually only support national candidates. This was a special treat. We were happy and glad to support Ken. Congratulations to both of you.

Mr. Blackwell is running for Ohio's Governorship. This is going to be interesting to watch how the Democrats handle this. Will they call him an Uncle Tom? Let us watch.

If you would like to find out more about the candidates we are supporting and how you can help, please visit Club for Growth. You may also call Pat Toomey, President, at (800) 784-2741.

Please consider coming over to our side. I have not given one red cent for over two years, and I feel good about that. I have been trying get true Conservatives elected without the help of President George W. Bush. I love him, but he is wrong. Let show him how wrong he is by electing candidates that will not allow him to get away with all this spending without accountability.

Update: As I was reading the Club for Growth blog, I came across this article at the Heritage Foundation. This is a great place to go if you want to stay informed on Washington and your tax dollars. They are also a club to which I belong. Full disclosure. lol.

This is The Policy Blog where I found this little tidbit which was written by J. Lawrence Scholer: The Thursday Ledger. (Hat tip: Andrew Roth) If you appreciate simplified economic policies, this is the site for you. It will also make you angry to know how your money is really be spent.

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