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Monday, May 01, 2006

Cautiously Optimistic in Iraq

Omar has written an encouraging article about the progress of the political situation in Iraq.

It would appear that PM Jawad Noori al-Maliki holds the key to the gridlock we all witnessed. Both the MNC (Multi-National Coalition) and the differing blocs within Iraq have accepted al-Maliki with good feelings. They have reason to trust these feelings, but only so far.

When PM al-Maliki first was announced, it was a surprise because no one really knew him or his intentions. These intentions are becoming better known, and they seem pretty good to me.

The tension between the political blocs seems to have resided. He has also called for the disbanning of the militias! Now, no one really wants the job of Interior Minister, so there is no argument over this issue. lol. It will surely be a difficult task, and whoever accepts this opportunity will have to be brave. He/she will also be known as a hero/heroine in the history books if they are successful.

In a different development, there is an opportunity for a woman to become Deputy Prime Minister! Her name is Safiya al-Suhail, and you may read about her background by clicking on her name. Omar believes, among others, she is more qualified for this position than most of the men!

We must pray for this new government. It is not written in concrete that everyone will be confirmed, as it is with our own government. I am not sure the hard-liners in the Shia religion or the Sunni religion will vote for a woman, but they may surprise us. They do not want to be seen as discriminating, but maybe they truly believe she is qualified? Either way, we have to wait and see...[read Omar's article].

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