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Thursday, May 25, 2006

brian ross of ABC Needs to be Fired...NOW

There was a report yesterday about Speaker of the House Denny Hastert which claimed they had obtained information that Mr. Hastert was under investion for corruption pertaining to the Ambramoff case.

The FBI got on the horn...FAST. Denny Hastert is NOT under investion, but he is a Republican. Does this smell to you? I would tell you what it smells like to me, but I do not use those words on this site. Do I ever? When I slip, yes. I am not a perfect Christian. Surprise, surprise.

When you find one, let me know. It's Christ! Okay?!

Back to the story. Denny Hastert has demanded they retract their story. They have refused. On Laura Ingraham's Radio Show (9-12 EST), she told us of a friend who called her from ABC. Her friend claims that the people were laughing at this story. Were they laughing at the William Jefferson story? Hmm?

NO! The only mention of Rep. Jefferson is on World News Tonight (May 24, 2006) during the untrue story of Denny Hastert!

From the beginning, our news people have been doing their best to try to bring down this president and anyone in his party. I OBJECT.

All I ask for are the facts. Let me make up my own mind. I DO have one! Unfortunately, the Left-Marxists don't seem to understand that...or much of anything else!