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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bill will permit 193 Million more aliens by 2026

I am still seeing red, I am so disappointed, hurt, angry, and frustrated. I read this [free registration required] in the morning, and it surely did not help my situation. While researching for the number of the Senate Bill containing McKennedy, I ran across this: Analysis of US Senate Immigration Reform Bill l Alert Piece. We must fight back!

What we need to, instead of leaving the party, is to get on the horn (phone) and make our outrage known to those who need to hear it. There is still time.

Anyone who votes for this bill will surely be an endangered politian species. We must bring that point home. Come on. I know how hard it is, but it would not even be an issue today if not for us! Don't jump ship now when we are closer to victory than ever! Thank you.

Here are some more very good articles: Senate immigration reform bill: Will it change attitudes? by Jon Dougherty at Freedom Alliance, Keyword: Immigration at Free Republic, Two Components Of Bush Border-Security Plan Seem ... Insecure at Captain Quarter's, Live-Blogging Bush’s Illegal Immigration Speech by LaShawn Barber [she passed the 2 million visits mark last week. Go give her some encouragement. :)], SAME OLD, SAME OLD by Michelle Malkin, My Thoughts on Immigration by Pat in NC [she is my friend. You be nice to her!], President Bush's Speech on Immigration by Bos'un and Comprehensive Immigration Bill is Extortion by Tran Sient.