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Monday, April 03, 2006

Telegraph Rips Into Blogger Over Carroll

Jack Lewis has found this article that has my blood boiling. I was one of the first to recognize that Jill was probably not under safe circumstances and could not speak freely. How many of you remember the Viet Cong?

I've heard stories, horrible stories, about what people were forced to say. I have also heard stories about some heroic men that knew Morse Code and the One Finger Salute! LOL.

Back to the article. Here is Jack's summary:
SUMMARY: The London Telegraph accuses "right-wing" bloggers of attacking Jill Carroll, yet they provide no links to the alleged blogs, and a search of a good many of the most widely recognized Conservative political blogs finds little if any real criticism of Carroll. [continue reading]
He nails them on each point they raise. They do not, however, have the proof that we do. As a matter of fact, they provide no such proof or names! Are they trying to become NY Times of Britain? Hmm...