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Saturday, April 29, 2006

NFL Picks

The Texans picks up defensive end Mario Williams, bypassing Reggie Bush to their own demise. The New Orleans Saints weren't far behind, and they scooped him up. Good choice. Keep your eyes on the Saints this coming season.

Next up are the quarterbacks. We have two, one was picked third and the other was picked tenth. The Tennessee Titans snared Vince Young (who helped the Longhorns steal the game from USC in the Rose Bowl), while the Arizona Cardinals picked up Matt Leinart from USC. Good pick.

Fourth: NY Jets picked offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson of the University of Virginia.

Fifth: Green Bay Packers selected A.J. Hawk, a linebacker from Ohio State, to be a cheesehead.

Sixth: San Francisco was looking for speed and power, and they found it in tight end Vernon Davis of Maryland.

Seventh: Michael Huff, Texas safety, went to the Oakland Raiders.

Eigth: Buffalo Bills picked up a safety as well in Donte Whitner of Ohio State.

Nineth: The Detroit Lions were looking for a linebacker, and they found one in Ernie Sims. That is their hope.

Eleventh: In order to move into the eleventh spot, the Denver Broncos sent picks 15 and 68 to the St. Louis Rams. They grabbed themselves a quarterback, Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. It's about time!

Twenty-fifth: This is first wide receiver picked, Santonio Holmes of Ohio State. He went to the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers [yeah!], who moved up through a trade with the New York Giants.

Twenty-ninth: Nick Mangold, center, of Ohio State will go to the NY Jets.

The draft will continue through tomorrow, Sunday, with seven full rounds already selected.

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