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Monday, April 10, 2006

Morocco Fighting Terrorists

Olivier Guitta, of Counter Terrorism Blog, has brought more news on the arrest of the nine men that were planning some terrorist attacks against Italy and France as reported in the Aujourd'hui Le Maroc, a Moroccan paper. (Google has translated this link so if it does not work, just copy the name and put it in the google search engine again. That should do it.)

He has written previously on the ties with Morocco here and here. There are more countries working with us than before, and I sure would appreciate it if we could act like 'United' States. I really miss that. What will it take to convince Americans we are at war?

Is it because we have not declared war against the others who are definitely at war with us? That is very naive. It is even down right deadly. Was September 11, 2001 really that long ago in the span of time?

I am very grateful to all the people who blog over at the Counter Terrorism Blog and all over the world. I am especially grateful for the men and women who answered duty's call and their families and loved ones. The dinosaur media has truly let us down. It is possible for a person under the guise of being a reporter to commit treason. I guess that law doesn't apply anymore except when it comes to President Bush.

Rant: Listen up. The person who classifies is the person who declassifies. In business, at home, and in the government. Nothing was said about Plame. It was a discussion about the NIE that the Demorats were clamouring for and received within a week of the president DEFENDING his honor.

If someone attacks, I am allowed to defend myself. Would you expect less for our Chief Representative of our Republic? Sorry about the rant. I just get frustrated sometimes when there are serious issues to be addressed, and we waste time pondering whether or not to prosecute McKinney for slugging a cop or impeaching the president of the united states. My God man, wake up!

Thank you. I hope I got all of it out so I may be able write more coherently in the future. Have a good week.

Hat tip: Victor Guirra.

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