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Monday, April 10, 2006

Iraq, Egypt, and the Press

Salah Nasrawi of the AP gets it wrong, again. They assume that the Shiites in Iraq want to live as their neighbors in Iran. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Not even the Iranians want to live under the mullocracy. But don't let facts get in the way of your reporting, right?

Egytian President Mubarak made some outlandish statements, and the Iraq people were rightly angered. He claimed that the Shiites desired to have strong ties with Iran so they could live as Iranians, in essence.

This reporter continues by telling us how this is true. I am going to tell you how it is not. In the first place, they are trying to look at each other as Iraqis, not by ethnicity or religion. Believe it or not, these people really want peace. If they did not, why would security be their number one issue? Hmm?

Salah appears to agree with this statement:
"Definitely Iran has influence on Shiites," Mubarak said in an interview broadcast Saturday evening by Al-Arabiya television. "Shiites are 65 percent of the Iraqis ... Most of the Shiites are loyal to Iran, and not to the countries they are living in."
How dare he! Who is this little dictator? Ah, maybe we can see into the reasoning behind his incitement here. He has never had a fair election where anyone could run against him for president. He jails them before they have the opportunity. Yes, did you know this?

I do believe our press is bought and paid for by these power-hungry dictators. They are afraid, and they have every reason to be. Once everyone sees the success of a free middle eastern nation, they will have to answer for their mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. Yes, they do that, ya know.

Please be careful about what you read. Of course there are some people in Iraq that came back from Iran (can you say Sadr?), but that is not the majority. Try to find some blogs to read so you can get a boots on the ground insight. One site that is very good is Iraq the Model. He has many links on his sidebar so you may get other points of view. I highly recommend doing this. Thank you.