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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Iranian Woman to be Executed: Call Congress!

Calling all people who care about human rights and just plain decency. There is an issue at hand that the Iranian government is trying to slip under the eyes of the world community. They are planning to execute a woman for protecting her 15 year old daughter from being raped by her 'temporary' husband. This is going to happen on or before April 1, 2006.

They have already yielded to outside pressure once in this matter. Now, with our eyes on their nuclear program and interference in Iraq, they have raised this issue again. They have raised it to make a point to all women in Iran: You demonstrate for freedom, human rights, etc, this will happen to you! We must act.

Please call your Congressperson and Senators immediately. (Toll free 877-762-8762, President's comment line: 202-456-1111.) Make as much noise as you can. We cannot allow this to stand. Let us ban together in prayer and voice to free this woman. In turn, we will be on the side of all the women in Iran.

Here is one report I have received, and I was also alerted to this tragedy by Right Truth. Thank you. [continue reading]