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Friday, April 21, 2006

I am coming 'out'

I managed to transfer all the links and most of the chapters over to their new site. I moved Loving God Holy (Anonymously) over to Loving God Holy (Rosemary).

There is one article I saved for last. It is the one explaining why I chose anonymoty. Even after I chose it, I felt very unconfortable. Well, here it is.

When I decided to start this site, I wasn't quite sure which direction I would be going. All I knew was that I was so caught up with the blogosphere, I was losing touch with God.

This could not stand. If I were to give that much of myself to a machine and neglect my spiritual walk, then I would be worshipping the machine and not God. It wouldn't matter how many prayers I said, it would not do.

I was wrong, and God, I am sorry.

Many people 'know' me in the blogosphere, and I wanted the freedom to show my weaknesses without having them used against me. It has been done before, and I just wanted to be careful.

Also, I have a reputation as a citizen jounalist (at least in my mind, lol), and I do not like the way people are judging Christians.

It amazes me how people without faith are so easy and quick to recite Luke 6:37-42, yet they are so quick to judge you as soon as you step one inch off the path.

Luke 6:37 is where is states: (paraphrased) do not judge others, but if you do you will be judged by that same measure.

I do not mind being corrected in love, not at all. I may not like it, but I would not be human if I did! lol. I still need the fellowship of other Christians, as we all do. I just don't need nor want the fellowship with atheists (oxymoron; you cannot have fellowship, for what does the light have in common with the dark?) telling me how I am supposed to live.

I ran into that situation before, and it took all I had to politely ignore him. I am weak when it comes to anger. Too weak.

So why did I want to remain anonymous? I didn't want anyone to judge me on my past performances. lol. I truly want to read the Bible, but mine is in too small of a print. I bought one in large print, and I will never (maybe) shop at that store again! Large print my behind.

That left me not studying the Word of God. I can no longer live my life this way.

This is why I am writing the Bible. This is also a place where I shall come to pray, confess, rejoice, cry, share, comfort, grow, and live. Yes, this is going to be a very good year, God willing.

Everyone have a wonderfully blessed day.