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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Henninger, Blackfive, Pundit Review: Be There

This weekend, at 8pm EST, Mr. Daniel Henninger will be the guest of Kevin and Gregg over at Pundit Review Radio. Mr. Henninger is the Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, and he is very well educated. Oh, I know very little about his 'formal' education, but he sure does write well. You will enjoy this hour, and the topic will be illegal aliens.

For the second hour we are looking forward to a special guest, Matt from Blackfive. He is going to share with us something he has been doing ever since I found his site over a couple years ago.

He has a special place his heart for those people who are forgotten by the dinosaur media. Just cast off as if their sacrifices did not matter. Well, Matt was not going to allow that to happen, and I thank God for him!

The name of his series is "Someone You Should Know." It is a wonderful series, although sometimes it is very tearful. It is true. People do die. I once read it somewhere that it isn't the length of your life that counts, it is what you did with time you had while you were here. All of these people are our country's most valuable resource. (According to me, that's who!)

This week should be a surprise to all of us, even those of us who follow him regularly! Hopefully this will be a weekly occurrence.

You may listen on the net by streaming live on Boston's Talk Station WRKO.Remember, it is from 8-10pm EST on Sunday. You may also call in to speak with the hosts and the guests at 877-469-4322.

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Nathan from Church and State is having an open trackback this weekend, 4/8-9/2006. I have entered this article, and you may want to enter an article of your own. It is a very good site. Have a great Sunday.