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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Condolences for Iraq the Model's Family

Today I have learned why the family at Iraq the Model has been away from their site. There has been a tragic and vicious act of violence perpetrated upon this family.

Their brother-in-law, full of life and hopes and dreams and visions, came back to the home that he loved so much. He was going to build a Foundation for the poor, so they could receive first rate medical care they could otherwise not afford.

On the day of the opening, they were waiting for him. Who was waiting for him? The assassins. The terrorists. These are not freedom-fighters. This man was unarmed. He was there to cure, to prolong life. These animals were there to prevent this. To read the post Mohammed wrote, click here.

Explain me to me, please, how does this promote freedom? Why? I hate them. I want them all dead. Each and every last terrorist, I want them dead. No more trials, no more hot meals. You eat what we give you, or you don't eat.

Why are we babying these animals? ACLU---you can kiss my arse. You belong with them. You are not protecting our civil liberties. You do not fool us. We know from whence you came, and to wherefore you shall go.

You are Communists. Started by a commie, you do not want anyone to enjoy their right to worship God. This is why you fight so strongly against Him. Don't worry. You do not believe in Him. When His Wrath reigns Sovereign upon you, you WILL bow, and then you will go to hell where you belong.

I am so angry, hurt, and filled with tears for my friends. I pray, Lord, Comfort them, Lift them up above their grief, Walk with them, help them in their time of need. Help them to be still and know that You are God, and You are with them. Amen.