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Monday, March 27, 2006

News from Human Rights Watch

I have many grievences with Human Rights Watch, but one that is not; they do tremendous work bringing the news to us from all over the world. It is only a matter of going after it. They do a very good job finding out about the facts on the ground. I just wish they would not lose their credibility with me by attacking my country during wartime. Especially when I know contrary data to be facts, and facts are stubborn things.

Moving forward, I found this article about ex-president of Liberia Charles Taylor who was ran out of Liberia stating that he is finally going to face a court of justice. It is about time.

He has been continuing to spur animosity and war wherever he can. Here is the introduction to the article:
Nigeria: Agreement to Hand Over Taylor.
Vital Step for Justice If Ex-Leader Sent to Special Court

Nigeria's announcement that it will consent to the transfer of former Liberian President Charles Taylor to Liberia is a landmark step toward ensuring justice for West Africa. Nigeria must ensure that Taylor is not permitted to flee from justice and the international community must ensure that security in Liberia is maintained during this process.
Here are some documents of interest:
Liberia's Request, Justice: Sierra Leone, Taylor Indictment, and More on Liberia.

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