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Friday, March 10, 2006

My Posts Around the Blogosphere 3/10/2006

The Bos'un Locker:
Worth Mentioning from "A Soldier's Perspective" by The WordSmith from Nantucket.
'Mom,' 'dad' to be Axed from School Textbooks, by Bos'un.

Causes of Interest:
Another Plea for E-Mails for the Fallen, by Rosemary.
This Week in Sudan 3/10/2006, by Rosemary.
CNN Alert: AU Proposes Extenion of Troops 3/10/2006, by Rosemary.
Million Voices for Darfur, by Rosemary.
Daily Briefing on Iran 3/08/2006, by Rosemary.

DoD Daily News:
Sunshine from Afghanistan 3/08/2006, by Rosemary.
Rumsfeld Trip Surprises Wounded Troops 3/05/2006, by Rosemary.
Two Stories, Two Countries, One Goal, by Rosemary.

Iranian Bloggers in Jail (Democracy for Iran):
Write to Congress Today, by Korosh.
News About Akbar Ganji, by Rosemary.

Knickerbocker News:
Roe v. Wade for Men? by Jack Lewis, although I posted it.
DeLay Takes the Primary Handily, by Rosemary.
Old Grey Lady Goes After Bloggers; Fight Back! by Rosemary.

Love America First:
Videos from the Brutality of the Islamic Rebublic Regime on March 8, by Korosh.
Iran: Police Attack Women's Day Celebration, by Korosh.
Protest in Iran on March 8, Woman's Day, by Korosh.
Terror could be coming to the Western Hemisphere, Part 2, by Bus'un.
Are we safe: Terror could be coming to the Western Hemisphere, by Bos'un.

Rumors of War:
New Al Qaeda Leader planning Attack Against U.S., by Bos'un.
Editor of U.S. Arabic Newpaper speaks: Religious Extremism is Spreading Among Muslim Youth in the U.S, by Bos'un.