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Friday, March 17, 2006

Liberia's President Formally Seeks Taylor's Extradiction

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia has formally requested the extradiction of Charles Taylor, the war-lord butcher, to be turned over for trial at the "to the Special Court for Sierra Leone to stand trial on 17 counts of crimes against humanity."
“I’m very pleased about this request that has been made by President Johnson Sirleaf. It is a bold move by her and it does show very early on in her presidency that she wishes to uphold the rule of law. I look to the president of Nigeria, of course, to heed this call...because Nigerian President Obasanjo has repeatedly said over the past few years that he would heed the call from the new democratically elected government of Liberia. That call has now come...(time to) bring Charles Taylor to trial.” [read more]
While this is great news, it is disappointing that the UN is handling it in anyway. The legal term in use here is 'transfer' not extradiction, because it is between two courts (oh really?) and not two country. (Please help me to understand how Nigeria is not a country?) That is the UN's wisdom...or lack of it.
The big hurdle will now rest with the African leaders Obasanjo is “consulting” on whether to honor the request, a request he has consistently said he would honor if made by an elected government in Liberia. [read more]
Hat tip to Douglas Farah at Counter Terrorism Blog and Voice of America.

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