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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jack Lewis Combination

Jack has undertaken writing three different articles which tie in together in relevence. The first one is "Was Dubai another Harriet Myers gambit?"
Summary: Was the Dubai/port fiasco another conveniently planned distraction in the vein of the way the Miers' nominations paved the road for an easier Alito confirmation? Could Bush be that smart?
The second article is "Was Dubai another Harriet Myers gambit?"
Summary: Contrast yesterdays Cal. SC decision against the Boy Scouts to a 1997 Illinois SC decision that establish the exact opposite standards, yet in favor of homosexuals, and while vacated on a technicality, is still used as precedent today. How can homosexuals claim "equal" rights when they manipulate the courts to give themselves special rights?
Last, but not least, "The PC double standard."
Summary: Contrast the response of the media to publishing cartoons offensive to Moslems with the 2005 forced resignation of college baseball coach Larry Cochell. Why the double standard?
So what is the flowing theme? Politics, chicanary, wisdom, idiocy? Why don't you tell me which you believe it to be. lol.

Hat tip: Jack Lewis.