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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Iraq and Immigration Tonight on Pundit Review Radio

I am so sorry! It is almost time, and I just (looked) found the information for tonight's airing of Pundit Review Radio. Here it is as it is written over their site:
Tonight at 8pm EST of Pundit Review Radio we will talking about the two hotttest issues in America: The Iraq War and Immigration.

You can stream the show live at WRKO and participate by calling 877-469-4322.

In the first hour, guest will be Thomas Joscelyn, reporter for The Weekly Standard. Thomas has been all over the Pentagon to declassify the hundreds of thousands of documents seized from Saddam’s regime. Here is a sample of his excellent work:

“Blessed July”
One of the Saddam documents details orders for an extensive terrorist operation
by Thomas Joscelyn
SADDAM’S ULTRA-LOYAL Fedayeen martyrs were ordered to carry out bombings and assassinations in London, Iran, and “self ruled areas” of Iraq in May 1999, according to a newly released Iraqi intelligence document. One such operation, codenamed “Tamooz Mubarak” or “Blessed July,” was apparently intended to hunt down Iraqi dissidents and bomb other unspecified locations.

Although a copy of the original document was not released, an English translation was published on the Foreign Military Studies Office’s Joint Reserve Intelligence Center website yesterday.
Read the whole article.

Among the often repeated myths (aka lies) of the left that we will be debunking tonight:

1. Saddam had no connection to Al Qaeda
2. Saddam had no connection to global terrorism
3. Saddam had no WMDs.

The second hour will feature a discussion on the immigration debate which is heating up right now. We will look at the proposals for reform, and the politics behind them.

For an excellent round-up of new and traditional media commentary on the Immigration issue, check out Real Clear Politics.

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