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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DeLay Takes the Primary Handily

Congressman Thomas DeLay won his primary with a wide margin. There are many faithful voters in district 22 in Texas.

There were four people running in this race. Tom DeLay, Tom Campbell, Micheal Fgetland, and Pat Baig. The only candidate who garnished votes to speak of, besides Congressman DeLay, is Tom Campbell with 29.9% of the votes. Michael Fgetland managed to grab 5% of the votes, with Pat Braig winding up the caboss with 3% of the votes.

Congressman DeLay stood strong with an overwhelming 61.9% of the voters still showing their support and faith in the one congressman who has been attacked relentlessly.

So you say he had some Abrose money? Do you know who had more? Ask your minority leader in the Senate! That is correct. Mr. Reid has dirty hands, if it is dirty hands you would like to call it. I consider donations to a person in politics an investment into the ideals and policies I would care to have implemented.

Could you please show me where in the First Amendment it excludes people from voices their political views? Can't find it? That is because the First Amendment's 'freedom of speech' clause was intended to free the people to participate in the politics and politicians they elect. It is actually 'Political Speech' that should be more protected than any other. This is the intent of the Founding Fathers. Have a good day.

Source: Office of the Secratary of State for Texas, District 22. I have spent two hours trying to locate a quote, a writing, a federalist or anti-federalist paper, that would substantiate what I believe to be true about political. I am having difficulty. If anyone could help me with a source, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.