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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Truth About Iraq

There are many guesses and questions and jumping to conclusions these days about Iraq. Some are even hoping for failure just to win a stupid election. This I would certainly call 'Un-American.'

This is not the case, however, in Iraq. Yes, there has been violence. Their most revered shrine was blown up! With 25 million people; do you really believe that with only a few mosques having been attacked, each one of them wanted to join in the violence? There would have been so much more damage, it isn't even funny.

Omar, over at Iraq the Model, has some information that was released in a press release from the Minister of the Interior. The numbers certainly are not the ones we are seeing reported.

BTW, have you given anymore thought to the question of who do this? Just remember, it happened the day after Iran was brought up in the UN, that useless piece of...nevermind. You are welcomed to fill in the blank.