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Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl XL

Listen Live.
Touchdown Seattle! NO! Wait a minute...pass interference offense 82! Pull it back. In the end-zone! NO, wait a minute...Hackett couldn't hold on to it, McFadden had a good read. Forty-seven yard field goal=3 points with 22 seconds left to go in the 1st quarter. End of 1st quarter.A fumble called incomplete. I hate that. When you hit someone causing the ball to come loose, it is a FUMBLE, idiot. Well, I guess I am rooting for Pittsburgh.

YEAH BABY! Touchdown=75 yards! Steelers, of course. lol. "W.Parker right tackle for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Longest run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history." Seattle Seahawks miss the fieldgoal. Aawwhhh. (lol) To be honest, I really had a hard time choosing, because I like both teams.

Chris Capone, Marine Reserve Corp, is on the radio! OMG, choices. I'll stick with the Marines. I can see the game. Beside, you can listen to the game live. Yes, you may listen again! (I hope. lol) Oooh, it looks like we're getting close to the goal again...intercepted. Nevermind.

So close!
Jerome Bettis is in the house (or on the field. lol) Okay, I'm back, and the Steelers are at the 3 yard line. (3:09 left in 1st half.) I sure do wish I knew how to live-blog. lol. Two minute warning. Touchdown Pittsburgh! (11th play of the drive. It is being challenged.) For those of you who do not understand (I don't understand why you are reading this, but, if any part of the ball touches the goal line when you go down, it is a touchdown. It's been ruled a TOUCHDOWN!!! (1:55 left in this half.) 48 sec.s, TO Pittsburgh. Halftime.
RB Parker and Bettis celebrate TD.
GO BABY! 75 year TD. "(14:50) W.Parker right tackle for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Longest run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history. Previous was Marcus Allen in SB XVIII (Raiders vs Redskins)... 74 yards." Seattle just got a TD after intercepting from us being inside the 20 yd zone. The score is now Sea 10, Pit 14.

I lost what I had already typed, because I did something stupid. So if it is short, sorry.

Fourth quarter, 10:46 left to play, and Pit intercepts the ball! 43 yard TD, Pit! (#86) " 1-10-SEA 43 (9:04) A.Randle El pass to H.Ward for 43 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Play was a reverse pass. QB pitched left to 39-Parker. Parker hands off to 82-Randle El coming right who throws for a TD. J.Reed extra point is GOOD, Center-G.Warren, Holder-C.Gardocki." Yippie! 10-21.

Seahawks being challenged on the field. QB went down, ball came loose, but was he touched? (Yes.) Now let's see what the ref sees. He was touched, but because he hit the ground causing the ball to come loose, Seattle keeps possession.

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! PITTSBURGH WON! Seahawks 10-Pittsburgh 21.