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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Ports

I had no decision one or the other on this issue, because I did not have the information. Then I listened. It has become apparent that this transaction began, to the best of my knowledge, on October 30, 2005. That is when it was in the NEWSPAPERS. Anyone bother to read them? Oops. I forgot. Circullation must be down. lol.

The law requires that any contract that may have national security concerns, must be reviewed for at least 45 days. This was reviewed for 90 days. Double the time. About our President Bush not knowing: He knew of the investigation into the company. He did not know they had finalized it. D'oh. They got it wrong again.

Now to the fact of racial profiling. Are the lawmakers saying they do not like Arabs by fighting one of our allies in the ME (which is what they clamoured for)? They are sending the message, "No Arabs need apply." Does anyone remember these signs? Hint: "No Irish need apply."

I am sick to death of these backstabbing weinees. Do they not realize this is their message to Arabs all over the world, including right here at home? If this is so, we had better round up all the Arabs here and send them away! NOT!

They would not be willing to do this. I would be against it with a passion. So I ask you, "Whoever does not want this to happen, please think of the consequences of your quick-to-judgment responses, and please shut up!"

Search for facts BEFORE you open your mouths in unison. Some words cannot be taken back, especially when they are hurtful. Thank you, Big Dog, for bringing this to their attention. I was starting feeling all alone.

Here is Big Dog's take on the sale: Fuss Over The Ports And The Dog's Take.

DP World article: DP World Executive Nominated for Prestigous US Gov't Position.

Dennis the Peasant weighs in with this brilliant article: Playing The Muslim Card: Dubai Ports World, Pt. 3.

Finally, but at all not least, Tony Snow has kept his head on his shoulders...where it belongs. He did not join the crowd of people running down the street with their hair on fire! (lol)

The news is out there. The information is out there. Don't allow the dinosaur media lead you around by the short hairs. If you are reading this, you can find anything I can! Just google it. (Use the google search engine on the top of my site. Feel free.)

There is so much more, but I must return to my Bible study for today. If you are interested, you may find me at Loving God Holy.