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Monday, February 20, 2006

Iraq's Long Term Strategy: Join NATO

According to an al-Hurra television interview and Mohammed's [of Iraq the Model] reporting on the issue, it is becoming more clear that the defense department in Iraq has strategic hopes of joining NATO. This would be a very good idea and strategy both for Iraq and the world.

With Iran rushing to build it's nuclear capacity (weapons), Iraq must not be left to fend for herself. Joining NATO will offer a protection of sorts. At least they would have to listen to Iraq from now on!

Iraq wants peace. Even though all we see on TV are the few bombings, there is much progress happening. They do not live under a crazed dictator anymore, they are finally refurbishing their schools, hospitals, water and electricy supplies, while admitedly slowly, but it is happening.

Please read this article. It is absolutely wonderful!