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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another Confession

I have been working on a special project. It is special only to me, though. While others may appreciate it, this is something I found I had to do. So what is it?

Many of you do not understand how I manage so many sites, and I have been bothered for a while about that. Not that you asked; rather, because I let my morning meditations, my daily readings, my prayers, and everything get away from me.

I am very much interested in the events I cover. Yet, if it gets in the way of my love and devotion for God, it has become an idol.

Well, I have found myself cussing, not reading my Bible, and spending each and every waking moment in front of this computer! I was ashamed. So I thought, "What can I do to fix this?"

So I started writing the Bible anonymously. My eyesight is poor. If it is on the net, I can make the letters large enough for me to see! lol.

Also, I had told myself I wanted to protect the reader from any bias they may have. Then I realized, I was hiding. How could I?!

So there is my secret. That is why I haven't written much. Well, at least not here. I also have an account over at WordPress if you would prefer that setting. I write more than the Bible. Check it out. Have a great day!