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Monday, January 09, 2006

War on Terror Update Part 2

Will Counterterrorism Experts Ignore New Evidence of Saddam's Terrorist Ties? Andrew Cochran does a fabulous job bringing forth this information that should be on the front pages of all newspapers. If you are interested in the connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, this is a must read.

Steven Emerson: Al Qaeda & the Taliban "Resurrect" Themselves. Andrew Cochran writes an article about Steve's program this morning. al Qaeda is even moving into the Gaza Strip. I could have told them that years ago. It is a must read with many links.

Dr. Ely Karmon: "Who Bombed Northern Israel?" Evan Kohlmann has provided an article by Dr. Ely Karmon which goes into detail about the growth and spread of al Qaeda. I hope the people wake up soon and realize we are at war, whether we choose it or not.

Saudi Arabia contributing to the expansion of terrorism. Olivier Guitta has written another piece that does not much explaining, but certainly more attention.